Pilates is a method of body conditioning created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. It is a core strengthening system of exercises focused on deep control to heal weaknesses in the body. Originally called “Contrology,” it is a complete coordination of mind, body and spirit achieved through repetition of and deepening within exercises. Pilates has become widely adopted by professional athletes as regular form of training.

Yes! Pilates trains developing bodies and minds to function as an integrated whole. This is the ideal time to instill the methods. The age-based layering within Whole Athletics’ condition programs build in considerations around posture, flexibility, growth plates, bone health and developmental changes across age groups to target safety and maximum effectiveness.

It is a total body conditioning that lengthens muscles, protects joints, stabilizes the core, deepens spine articulation, prevents injury, enhances agility and mind/body fitness to power performance.

No problem! Pilates elongates muscles. Even more reason to begin.

Pilates exercises have various modifications to support special needs, injury, etc. We talk to athletes about what limitations they are experiencing to evaluate the best, safest way to execute conditioning.

Athlete safety is our highest priority. Our team has completed Pilates Teacher Training and Certification, CPR and First Aid certification and have cleared background checks.

Yes. You will be prompted to sign a waiver when you register an athlete for the first class.