We Serve

Whole Athletes participate in recreational and competitive athletics. Age ranges from Grade 4 through Adults.


Calling all athletes from elementary to collegiate levels! Whether you play competitively or recreationally, P3 conditioning is for you.

  • Connect to your body.
  • Make your core strength your superpower.
  • Up your game.
  • Power your performance.


Hey, Coach! Add P3 to your teams conditioning program. Hold team sessions at the Whole Athletics studio. Bookend P3 to the start or end of practice on location with your team. Let Whole Athletics partner with you to: 

  • Challenge team strength. 
  • Gain team concentration and agility. 
  • Build the power of your team.  

We can customize pre-season, in-season and post-season programming to help your team achieve optimal performance.


To the army of supporters guiding our athletes, you are amazing! You are at the core of student athletes’ ability to shine with your tireless schedule magic tricks, driving, cheering, meal prep, uniform washing, emotional support and much, much more. Let Whole Athletics partner with you to help our athletes commit to true, long-term fitness. 

Help instill a 360 focus. Empower their bravery. 

And…we have classes on the schedule for you too!! We all need physical and mental fitness in our lives. Come power up with us!